2018 MLB Preseason Power Rankings

With the season starting tomorrow, I figured what better time to give my completely guessed at power rankings. Please let me now what you think!

  1. Houston Astros: Reiging World Series champs. Best lineup from top to bottom with Altuve in the lead-off and followed by Correa and Springers is tough to beat. No to mention the stellar rotation of Verlander and Keuchel.
  2. LA Dodgers: Best tem in the NL. Terrific lineup with Puig, Seager, Pederson and Turner, Shoild over come a slightly under-powered rotation, even with Kershaw.
  3. Washington Nationals: By far the best rotation in baseball with Scherzer and Strausberg leading the way. Harper and Ryan Zimmerman give the lineup a lot of pop and youngster Trea Turner provides some speed.
  4. Cleveland Indians: Looking to past the ‘Stros, they didnt make a splash in Free Agency this year, but still boost a brutal lineup with Encarnacion, and Francisco Lindor. Solid rotation led by Kluber and great bullpen with Andrew Miller.
  5. New York Yankees: Best power hitting lineup the league has seen in years, with addition of  Stanton. Judge, Sanchez, and Stanton could put up the Best numbers the MLB has in decades in a stadium that was built for ants and little league baseball.
  6. Boston Red Sox: Not alot of offseason moves, but still one of the the top team in the AL. Middle of the league in slugging last year and 10th in BA, but still sneaky good with young guys only getting better. Rotation led by Chris sale could wind up being tops in the AL by seasons end.
  7. Chicago Cubs: Mostly the same team from the 2016 WS. Lots went wrong in 2017, look for Joe Madden to whip the Cubs back into post-season form.
  8. Arizona Diamondbacks: Might seem like a shock at #8, bust considering the power Paul Goldschmidt and AJ Pollock, combined with the speed of Peralta, the D’Backs look poised for an NLCS run in 2018.
  9. LA Angles: With the signing of Japanese superstar Sohei Ohtani, the rotation looks a hell of a lot better than it did last year. Even with Mike Trout, the age is a bit concerning for the Angles of Anaheim.
  10. SF Giants: Solid rotation with Bumgardner and Queto. With offseason acquisitions of McCutchen and Longoria, the Giants are loading up for another even year run in 2018
  11. STL Cardinals: Solid, but aging lineup, with Matt Carpenter and Yadier Molina. Decent Rotation with Carlos Martinez and Micheal Wacha. Now or never time for the Cards
  12. Colorado Rockies: 2nd best power lineup behind NYY with Blackmon, Story and Arenado. Little bit of uncertainty with the rotation but they appear to be taking an “offense is the best denfense” approach.
  13. Seattle Mariners: Decent lineup with Cano, Cruz and the additio of Dee Gordon. Paxton and King Felix top off the rotation. Much like the Cards, age is a concern. But nows the time the Mariners to take control in a weak AL West.
  14. Milwaukee Brewers: Additions of Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich, have given this team a much needed lineup boost alongside Orlando Arcia and Ryan Braun. Look for the brewers to make a push in the NL Central.
  15. Mini-Soda Twins: Seriously underrated lineup in the Twin Cities. Sano, Dozier, and Buxton will lead the Twins into battle this year. With Buxton poised for a breakout year and the power of Sano and Dozier, the offense is poised for success. But with newly acquired  Pineade on the 60-day DL, the rotation is an issue.
  16. Toronto Blue Jays: It’s the last year for Donaldson in Toronto. The lineup with Tulo and Smoak could do some damage. But with a lineup that scored the fwest runs in the league in 2017, its hard to see them doing anything in 2018
  17. New York Mets: With the Best Rotation in baseball in Syndergaard, deGrom, Harvey and FA addition Jason Vargas, its going to be tough to score against these Metropolitans. scoring will be a problem for the offense though, even with Cespedes, Frazier and Jay Bruce, spring has not been kind to the Mets.
  18. Kansas City Royals: Its a rebuild period for my hometown Royals. Resigning Mike Moustakas to a cheap 1 year deal was big, and FA signing Lucas Duda provides some pop where hosmer left off. With Merrifeild at 2nd and Soler finally looking like decent DH option, the Royals look like a deep WC sleeper despite the loss of Salvador Perez in the early season to a torn MCL.
  19. Tampa Bay Rays:  Decent rotation led by Chris Archer. Nothing great about the lineup, will finish .500 at best.
  20. San Diego Padres: Signing Eric Hosmer to an 8 year, $144 million deal, made him the cornerstone of the rebuild in San Diego. will be competitive in 2020, just not this year.
  21. Oakland Athletics: As long as Billy Beane is still in charge, the Athletics will never be competitive. (Fix your damn stadium!)
  22. Texas Rangers: Lineup is sub-par at best but provides some decent defensive gloves. But the have to be sharp with a bottom 5 rotation.
  23. Philadelphia Phillies: Lots of young talent coming up, lead by Rhys Hoskins. still a couple years out from the post season, but pay attention to this young team in 2018.
  24. Cincinnati Reads: With only Joey Votto to han their hat on, its time for the Reds to start anew and take their lumps for a couple years,
  25. Baltimore Orioles: Lineup with Machado and Adam Jones seems deadly, but can they score enough to overcome a weak starting rotation
  26. Pittsburgh Pirates: Young team, but no starting pitching spells disaster for fans of PNC Park.
  27. Chicago White Sox: No love for the team on the south side with and inexperienced lineup and an overpaid James Sheild
  28. ATL Braves: We’ve been waiting on this team for a while now and still have nothing. With all the talent from young gun Dansby Swanson to veteran Freddy Freeman and Flamethrower Julio Tehran, its a surprise they’re not getting better.
  29. Detroit Tigers: Poor, poor, Miguel Cabrera.
  30. Miami Marlins: Jeter, what the hell are you doing? Sincerely- every 20 year old who worshiped you growing up.

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