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Opening Day Re-cap

Well with my favorite time of the year finally in the books, it’s time to look back on the best 2 days of the year… Opening Day.

Ian Happ of the Chicago Cubs led the league off with a home run on the first pitch of opening day against the Marlins with the juiced-ball era fully in swing. *wink wink*

Some dude named Matt Davidson hit 3 home runs against my hometown Royals. (I’m crying inside, Screw you Matt Davidson.)

Giancarlo Stanton blasted a home run in his Yankees debut at home, cause who the hell saw that coming?

Braves beat the Phillies on a Nick Markakis 3 run walk-off in a battle of the rebuilds


The Pirates beat the Tigers in a 13-10 slug-fest in the 13th inning.

Scherzer goes for 6 innings and 10K’s as the Nationals shut-out the Reds

In a game where both teams used a combined 14 pitchers, the Marlins beat the Cubs in 17 innings.

Nick Ahmed goes 3 for 4 with 5 RBI’s to lift the D-Backs over the Rockies 9 to 8.


White Sox sweep the Royals ( as i curl up with a bottle of Jameson and remember 2015)

Ohtani goes for 7 innnings and 6 K’s as the Angles beat the A’s 5-2

Yankees beat the Blue Jays, (they shall be known as the “BJ’s” from this day forward) as Judge and Stanton both hit Dongs.

Pirates destroy agaisnt an apparently undecided Tigers rotation according to ESPN (Its the 3rd day of  the season, get your shot together ESPN)

And Trevor Baurer returns to form and shuts-out the Mariners in a blow-out..


All Things Must Have A Begining

Hello! And welcome to my Blog! This is my first attempt at one so bear with me as this will be a learning process for all! I’m doing this simply cause i need something new in my life and sports has, and always will be my first love. (besides mamma of course) I wasn’t athletic enough to play them so i figured i might as well try my best to cover them, and what better place to start than with the MLB season just 1 day away! So come with me as I try and do my best to cover this amazing and crazy sport!

“I was not successful as baseball player, as it was a game of skill”- Casey Stengel